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Creative business solutions!

We can help you build your DREAM practice with our creative business solutions!

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We will help you build your perfect Dental TEAM!

Let us help you gear your practice for success!

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Dental Coaching Redefined!

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Customer Service

Dentistry is a service industry, which means, the more we concentrate on providing exceptional customer service the more successful the practice, dentist(s) and the dental team will be. We will train you and your team on how to create VIP Service for your patients!

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We specialize in the implementation of fundamental business and leadership skills to create work habits that produce successful results for your dental practice.

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Best Dental Coach is a consulting company that provides leadership, management and team building services for dental practices nationwide.

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We will provide you with the building blocks to help you develop a carefully orchestrated plan encompassing marketing development, advertising and social media for your dental practice.

Our Programs Now Include

Dental Intel

Today’s most successful dental practices make decisions based on sound data. Dental Intelligence makes your practice’s data an integral part of the daily decision making process for everyone in the practice. Best Dental Coach and Dental Intel teaches and shows your Team what the most Productive and Profitable tasks are that they need to be doing on a daily basis to drive your practice to the next level of success! Dental Intel services and software are included with your fees for coaching services with Best Dental Coach.

Dental Warranty

Dentistry’s First and Leading Nationwide Patient Smile Protection Program—included with your fees for coaching with Best Dental Coach. Increase your profit with no extra chairtime and provide even better customer service for your patients! 60% of patients in any dental practice accept and want this program. It is a 5 year guarantee on eligible treatment paid to you when they need replacement work done or paid to any dentist in the nation should the patient move or be traveling.

Best Dental Coach LLC has affordable coaching for everyone anywhere at any level!

Bronze Program: Dental Intel, Dental Warranty and a 1 Hour Coaching Call Monthly w/ Dr & Office Manager only or Dr only $795/month-no upfront fee, month to month, no binding contract.

Why We Are Different

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