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Our Approach

Our approach to dental consulting is based on the belief that it takes 21-28 days to form a habit. With that in mind, our program for creating success requires that we spend enough time with you in your practice to form these positive habits and implement necessary changes. We also believe our training must be provided in your office environment in order to instill these habits of change and core values. The goal is for you to become as successful as you possibly can.

We provide a FREE assessment for all of our potential clients. Through thorough evaluation of your practice from head to toe, we will provide a briefing on what needs work, what is working well and what needs some minor tweaking.

Below are a list of our Core Values we use as a guideline when training and coaching our doctors and their teams.

Core Value Tools

  • Dental Intel – Today’s most successful dental practices make decisions based on sound data. Dental Intelligence makes your practice’s data an integral part of the daily decision making process for everyone in the practice. Best Dental Coach and Dental Intel teaches and shows your Team what the most Productive and Profitable tasks are that they need to be doing on a daily basis to drive your practice to the next level of success! Dental Intel services and software are included with your fees for coaching services with Best Dental Coach.
  • Dental Warranty – Dentistry’s First and Leading Nationwide Patient Smile Protection Program—included with your fees for coaching with Best Dental Coach. Increase your profit with no extra chairtime and provide even better customer service for your patients! 60% of patients in any dental practice accept and want this program. It is a 5 year guarantee on eligible treatment paid to you when they need replacement work done or paid to any dentist in the nation should the patient move or be traveling.
  • Scheduling – Teaching the Team how to schedule effectively and how to reach scheduling goals, minimize cancellations and get patients scheduled
  • Scheduling – Teaching the Team how to schedule effectively and how to reach scheduling goals, minimize cancellations and get patients scheduled
  • Doctor Pending Treatment  – teach Team how to maintain an effective system that keeps patients from falling through the cracks and increases the rate of treatment accepted.
  • Financial Arrangements– Training Team and doctor about how to talk to patients about financial arrangements and get Team to feel comfortable discussing finances and presenting treatment plans.
  • Budgets – work with doctor on creating a budget that allows room for success, and also includes sub budget for marketing, equipment, advertising, raises, continuing education and a bonus system.
  • Collection Follow Up – Collecting money on a timely basis and training the Team on how to get this done effective and efficiently improving cash flow for the practice.
  • Recall/Reactivation — Creating and implementing a proactive system that increases the number of patients seen in your hygiene department—in turn increasing the number of exams and opportunities the practice has to present treatment.
  • Social Media/Online Presence– Teach the Team to develop an internal marketing campaign via social media and drive new patients to the practice via social media platforms.
  • Marketing– Educate Doctor and Team about various forms of marketing other than social media. Guide their decisions and implementation of internal and external marketing including branding, consumer, community and local events etc…
  • Customer Service– Teach Team and Doctor how to provide VIP service to every patient.