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Dental Transition Coaching & Consulting

Want to sell and transition smoothly? We will help you to make sure you are getting the most out of your transition.


We specialize in the implementation of fundamental business and leadership skills to create work habits that produce successful results for your dental practice.


Best Dental Coach is a consulting company that provides leadership, management and team building services for dental practices nationwide.

Our Approach


Our approach to dental consulting is based on the belief that it takes 21-28 days to form a habit. With that in mind, our program for creating success requires that we spend enough time with you in your practice to form these positive habits and implement necessary changes. We also believe our training must be provided in your office environment in order to install these habits of change and core values. The goal is for you to become as successful as you possibly can.

We provide a FREE assessment for all of our potential clients. Through thorough evaluation of your practice from head to toe, we will provide a briefing on what needs work, what is working well and what needs some minor tweaking.

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Future Planning is Important.

Get The Most Out Of Your Practice

Looking to ramp-up production quickly, up to a year before and during the transition process? We’ve got you covered.

At Wingspan Transitions, their consultants will be able to help you maximize your practice's value.

Don't sell cheap! Contact Wingspantransitions.com

30 Years of Experience

We have helped hundreds of practices scale up and be in a position to sell. We know what buyers are looking for. Want to sell to a DSO? Dental practices sell 3 times more to DSOs. Fear headaches? We will help you to make sure you have a predictable exit.

What Our Clients Say

“I was introduced to Sharmyn by referral (one of the best and most complementary ways I think to find resources). I was very pleased with the pleasant and upbeat approach of the company. When she came to my practice I finally knew what it is was like to relax and watch the (overdue and well needed) systems they put in place take my practice in a direction that I have always wanted it to go. I would recommend Sharmyn to anyone especially if they have never run a business before – it will help you to sleep better at night – it did for me.”

Jonathan C. Clemetson DDS P.A

“Sharmyn is reliable and result oriented. She came into my life as a consultant many years ago and remains in my life as a good friend. I highly recommend her.”

Lorena P. Scott, DD

“When I started a practice from scratch there were so many problems to fix. I’m so glad that Sharmyn was there to help. She is professional and an expert at what she does. She is very thorough and won’t stop until she produces good results. I trust her and highly recommend her to anyone! Schubert Sapian, DDS SapianRD.com”

Dr. Schubert Sapian DDS

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